Thursday, March 12, 2015

Results using Dan Wells' 7 Point Story Structure method

I've worked all week on creating an outline using this method.  As a recap,
the 7 point method consists of: (using the original Star Wars movie as an example

  • THE HOOK:  Hero has a sad boring life
  • Luke is a misunderstood farmboy who longs to be a pilot and go on adventures
  • PLOT TURN 1: Hero becomes a role
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi offers to teach Luke to become a Jedi
  • PINCH 1: A bad guy attacks
  • Luke's uncle and aunt and killed by imperial forces
  • MIDPOINT: The hero learns the truth, swears to defeat the villain
  • Luke decides he wants to be a Jedi like his father
PINCH 2: Companions fall to the villain and Hero is left alone
Obi-Wan is killed in a duel with Darth Vader

PLOT TURN 2: Hero discovers the power is within him
Luke uses the force to destroy the Death Star

RESOLUTION: Hero defeats the villain
Luke destroys the Death Star.

It seemed pretty straight-forward until I tried to use it.  Then things got confusing.  Like in the example above, isn't Plot Turn 2 and Resolution the same thing?  Also, I felt like I was trying to alter my story to fit into each of these 7 points.  Mine is a romance so I did a plot for both the hero and heroine and also did one for the best friend.  And what I noticed was that two of the three plots started to become identical (both of the males).  Not good. 

So I learned a lot through watching the videos and trying it out, but this is not the method for me. 

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