Thursday, March 12, 2015

Results using Dan Wells' 7 Point Story Structure method

I've worked all week on creating an outline using this method.  As a recap,
the 7 point method consists of: (using the original Star Wars movie as an example

  • THE HOOK:  Hero has a sad boring life
  • Luke is a misunderstood farmboy who longs to be a pilot and go on adventures
  • PLOT TURN 1: Hero becomes a role
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi offers to teach Luke to become a Jedi
  • PINCH 1: A bad guy attacks
  • Luke's uncle and aunt and killed by imperial forces
  • MIDPOINT: The hero learns the truth, swears to defeat the villain
  • Luke decides he wants to be a Jedi like his father
PINCH 2: Companions fall to the villain and Hero is left alone
Obi-Wan is killed in a duel with Darth Vader

PLOT TURN 2: Hero discovers the power is within him
Luke uses the force to destroy the Death Star

RESOLUTION: Hero defeats the villain
Luke destroys the Death Star.

It seemed pretty straight-forward until I tried to use it.  Then things got confusing.  Like in the example above, isn't Plot Turn 2 and Resolution the same thing?  Also, I felt like I was trying to alter my story to fit into each of these 7 points.  Mine is a romance so I did a plot for both the hero and heroine and also did one for the best friend.  And what I noticed was that two of the three plots started to become identical (both of the males).  Not good. 

So I learned a lot through watching the videos and trying it out, but this is not the method for me. 

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  1. Your examples from Star Wars are COMPLETELY wrong, LoL. No offense, but you have NO idea how to use the 7 point plot system. Plot Turn one is Luke deciding to join Obi Wan after his parents are killed, WOW, no wonder no one's ever heard of you or your writing, LoL. WAY OFF.