Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dan Wells' Seven Point Plot structure

Today I tried out Dan Wells' Story Structure System.  It seemed like the most straightforward of all the methods to follow.  Maybe because all you need is seven point plots.

There is a series of 5 ten-minute YouTube videos which you can watch here:

Dan Wells on Story Structure

Basically, a novel has seven plot points:

  1. The Hook
  2. Plot Turn 1
  3. Pinch 1
  4. Midpoint
  5. Pinch 2
  6. Plot Turn 2
  7. Resolution
Works well for action/adventure, horror, superhero stories. The closest example to my YA novel he gave was the one for romance using Pride and Prejudice.  I'm not quite convinced that the plot turns and "pinches' worked for me..  But check it out.  It may suit you.

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