Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update for June

Apologies.  I've been absent for a bit. 

But with good reason.  I finally finished my latest revise.  It took three months!!!  Should it take this long? I don't think so...  Anyway, this is it.  No more.  It is either my shelf novel #1 or I'll self-publish, or maybe I'll work on a query and synposis.  I'm terrible at writing synposes and queries which is why I'm leaning towards self-publication.  And I want a say on the cute couple on the cover (I'm shallow that way)...

Just in time too.  Heat Wave hit and it is miserably hot today.

So what's next?

I've got a hundred pages of book #2 which I left it hanging for a month.  It is calling my name.

I'm still working on short stories every month with lovely CP.  No, I haven't finished my June story yet, but I still have three days!!! lol.  This month's prompt is to write something inspired by Lillian Gish, the silent movie actress. 

Oh, and lovely CP's Anthology is out on Monday.  I looked it up on Amazon.  It isn't listed yet...  I hopefully will be able to put up a link soon.

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  1. Oooooh, Look what you did to the site! THE PRETTY!
    Is this a creative release after the revise?

    Thanks for the plug on the anthology. I'll let you know as soon as I know.