Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hurrah for Critique Partner!

I've talked about Critique Partner (CP) for a while now.  We met on Maggie Stiefvater's blog  - she has a CP match-up three years running now.  We both adore her writing so we exchanged some pages and Viola! We decided we were a good fit. 

For Christmas, I sent her, and she sent me the same book!! "The Curiosities" which is a collection of short stories by Maggie and her two critique partners Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff.  All three a published YA authors. 

So, we decided with the new year to start writing short stories.  One a month based on a common prompt.

the prompt was a quote on the Truth
I wrote this long thing about a woman with evil intent.  Surprisingly, CP's story also featured a woman with evil intent.

the prompt was chick-lit/romance story featuring a tropical travel destination to enter into a competition.  The winner gets some travel goodies and a consultation with an agent, and her story will be included in an upcoming anthology perfect for summer vacation.  Check out this link:
Belinda Jones Travel Book Club

Here I figured out I don't do chick-lit very well as mine turned out to be more of a horror story.
But CP!!! CP did a great one and is now one of ten finalists!  In my humble opinion, I think she's the winner.

The prompt was to include a night-blooming flower.  I decided here to kill two birds with one stone and use this prompt for my A-Z blogging challenge theme.

CP wrote a fantasy piece which I think is one of the strongest things she's ever written.

The prompt is to include a kitsune which is a Japanese mythological creature. 

The short story thing has been great!  It really makes you stretch yourself in terms of writing.  I already see the benefit in my writing.  And CP? CP has blown me away.  She is one of the ten finalists in the Belinda Jones Short Story Competition.  I think she's the winner.  But I may a little biased.  You can check out the finalists and the first lines of their entries here:

Sunlounger Finalists

CP's entry is called "Fia McQueen's Great Escape"

Keep your fingers crossed.  Winner announced June 1st!


  1. *Ahem* You failed to mention that your Kitsune story nearly had me in tears (emotional, not laughter) due to its all kinds of excellence.
    Am blushing like a blushy thing from your loveliness above. Thank you.

  2. A good critique partner is worth her (his) weight in gold.

  3. Yay for CP's! They are the best :)