Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back in revise land.

I've been absent a while, and here's why.  About a month ago I finally decided to do something about this novel I've been writing for what seems like forever and decided to go the self-publishing route.  Why?  Mainly because I can't write a query letter for the life of me and Amanda Hocking is my hero and now Tamara Webber too. 

So I found myself an editor who I paid to do an in-depth critique of my work. 

Late late Monday (or early early Tuesday) I got my notes back.  I read over them and every single thing she said felt true, and the examples she gave me crystalized the problems for me-- even though I didn't want to hear it.

Then I looked at the marked-up manuscript she sent me, and turns out because of her background (what she does when she's not editing) was extremely helpful in particular scenes.  Basically, I was getting expert opinion on the job function of one of my characters.

Finally, I chose this editor because she's still a teen herself, and she caught a bunch of mistakes I made about high school because, frankly - it's been a while since I've been there. My critique partners are past high school age so I knew I needed a teen perspective.

I'd highly recommend Kate Coursey of if you're writing YA . 
Best money I ever spent.

Now my dilemma is this.  I am truly sick of this book.  I was sure I was done.  But now, it looks like another month (at least) of re-writing.  And then I was going to self-publish - hire a proofreader and a cover artist, format, and upload.  But there is just enough encouragement in the notes to think, well maybe I should try to get the interest of an agent (if I work on writing a might-be-passable query letter).  Then I wouldn't need to worry about finding/hiring more people to work on my book.
A-u-g-h!  What to do?  Hold off on spending more money on cover/proofer to see if an agent might be interested? Or stop wasting time and just self-publish the dang thing already?

Anyway, I'm back in re-write land. AGAIN.  And not loving it...

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