Thursday, January 31, 2013

I have taken the first step towards self-publication

Since the new year, I have been attending the 3by3 Writing Method Meet-up group.  The moderator, Steven E Browne is a friend and will be publishing his book "3 by 3 Writing Method" sometime this month.

Anyway, Steve moderates a critique group and at the beginning of the meeting, he gives a little 15 minute lecture on some aspect of writing.  The lectures starting in 2013 have been about self-publishing, (he's got 9 books out) and that is the reason I've been attending. (although the critiquing is 'fun' too.)

So, I've been following along with the lectures, and have taken the giant first step - I've hired a professional editor and picked out a cover designer. 

For editors, I've asked around a lot and everyone told me it was going to be around $1000 for a manuscript of 75,000 words.  Well, here is the beauty of the blogosphere.  I've been reading all your wonderful posts and one of them recommended a few editors.  And so I went to the recommended editors' websites and I found one who had edited books I had actually read and enjoyed.  And even better, their prices were affordable!  Another sign they're good?  They're busy.  But they can take me in about two weeks! Yay.  So thank you dear bloggers who blog about writing.  I appreciate the advice and info. And yes, I do read your blogs!

Next I found an e-book cover designer.  Steve (of 3by3) suggested that I take a look at some covers in the genre I write (YA) and then read the free sample pages.  On the page that has the copyright info, the writers usually give credit to their cover designers.  I did this and noticed a lot of the authors don't do this.  But some did.  And I looked  up  this one designer, and WOW!  She had done a ton of book covers I recognized.  Yeah, no question, I'm going to approach her.

But not now, because who knows how much editing I'll need to do? And I'm not 100% happy with my title "Piano and the Perfect Guy". 

Also, I'm going to go with a pen name.  Any suggestions as to how to come up with one?  I can't call myself Fairview Fairview, can I? And dang, Cassandra Clare is already taken.

Maybe someday, that will be me up there


  1. Hi fairview,
    Oh, it is the first time for me to hear "3 by 3 Writing Method" It sounds very interesting. I got interested in self-publishing too. New year is good time to start something new!! Good luck!!
    Have a great week.

  2. Exciting times!
    What is the reasoning on the Pen Name? That might give a steer on suitable ones.
    looking forward to hearing how it goes.