Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vegas trip

Went on a little road trip to vegas.  Drove 4.5 hours each way to stay at a place with NO Casino!!
The accomodations were nice and all, but... I mean, really, who stays at a place with no casino?  On top of that, I went with folks who don't gamble.  Was there for three days and I got 1.5 hours of gambling time in.  I guess the good news is that I didn't lose much. : )
We did outlet mall shopping for 7 hours, toured the Freemont Street area. They have a free light show every hour during the evening, and we got the Bon Jovi segment.  I guess the show changes each hour.  If we had stayed for the next one, it would have been the Queen light show.  Talk about '80's flashback! 

Spent an inordinate amount of time eating and drinking. We're such lightweights though.  Here is our alcohol the first night.   The second night we ordered a pitcher of sangria with dinner and didn't even finish half... Yeah, lightweights.                    

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday and Editing Update

Happy Black Friday! Hope you get all the bargains you wanted, and hope it did not require camping out in tents.  I'm not one for lines (I'll turn around and go home before standing in line for the privilege of buying something).  But I'll probably do the cyber Monday thing.  Love the names.  Cyber-Monday, Black Friday.

Chugging along with my editing.  I spent seven days stuck on two sentences so even though today is the 23rd, I'm only on chapter 16.  But I've been making good progress, since.

My Critique Partner notes had my laughing.  Somehow my writing made her think one of my characters had curlers in her mustache.  Oh and teeth clacking during kissing is not a good thing. . .

Fun Fact

Duct tape can hold a car together!  A critique partner kept telling me she was highly doubtful until one meeting, she told me she had watched an episode of 'Mythbusters' where duct tape was used to lift a car! And duct tape was used to patch a spacecraft!

duct tape car lift

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Editing, Breaking Dawn, Meatloaf & Christmas Carols

I've been stuck with the editing for a week now.  I was speeding along with my chapter a day and all of sudden, I hit a brick wall.  The very smallest of suggestions, to add some more conversation.  Of course, since this is my final edit of this WIP, it had to be perfect and I wracked my brain day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, trying to add two lines of dialogue because it had to be perfect.

And then Thursday, I had a gigantic "DOH!" moment.  In later pages, CP #1 pointed out a number of things that needed to be addressed earlier.  Hello?  Why don't I just stick that in the two lines of dialogue I was lacking.  I am an idiot!

Yesterday I went and saw Breaking Dawn 2.  It feels like the end of an era as I've been going to see a Twilight movie for the last five years! FIVE years!  The good news?  "The Host" movie next year! Hope Stephenie Meyer is writing something  new so I have something to look forward to after that.
And today I took a break and made meatloaf.  I like this show on food network "The Pioneer Woman".  So I tried out her recipe which calls for 12 slices of bacon, 4 eggs, 2 lbs of ground beef.  It turned out okay, but there is no way I am going to eat all that food/cholesterol.  3/4ths of it is going to over to the sister's house.

Finally, how early is too early to start playing Christmas Carols?  My local radio station is playing them now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of those days

Yeah, today was a day I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.  Should have just stayed there. 

The temp dropped twenty degrees last week and I made the mistake of leaving the gym with my hair wet.  I know- it is one of the things your parents tell you over and over not to do.  I did it.  I've got a cold now and a sore throat.  I think I have a fever too but that may be my inner hypochondriac (yes I've read FSOG).

So I got feedback from CP #1 on my last set of pages this morning, and while encouraging,  I have a mountain of work to fix.  Which sent me into a small rant of "I'm never going to be done with this sucker". 

Next at work, I had a hurry-up type project to complete and out of the blue some very angry sales person called me to read me the riot act. I can honestly say I didn't deserve it.  I work in advertising.  What the heck is there to be so angry about?  Regardless, I felt lousy afterwards. 

And no progress on editing.  Stuck on trying to come up with a better scene  in chapter 11. So I've been stuck for 3 days, four tomorrow because I'm writing this up instead of trying to fix/edit.  Oh well, like I said, some days, I should just not get out of bed!

Oh, and the cats are on strike because I ran out of Fancy Feast.  I only have Friskies, which they turn their nose up at (thus the photo).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chapter Seven fun facts

Not much to share today. Think because I'm getting into the heart of it, don't have to lay as much foundation.

That being said, do you know about the luxury rooms that exist in some of the higher end hospitals?
I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for but here's an example of a high-end hospital suite.

Beyonce's luxurious hospital room

When my father was in the hospital, his room was not exactly slumming it, but the room next door had hardwood floors, duvet cover,  and a grand piano in it!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's Editing

Hey, you've still got time if you're on the west coast.

I voted early (but not often - he he, sorry, couldn't help myself).

Anyway, on to today's random findings as it pertains to my WIP.

Maserati GranTurismo
Cost $143,400 approx.

As a side note, there is one parked at my local market in the same spot every time I go.  I often wonder about that...

Aston Martin DBS Volante
Cost $301,856 (fully loaded) approx.

No, I've never seen one parked at my local market.  I've seen a Bentley a few times. 

(Do you think maybe I'm paying too much for groceries?)

Mall security will call an ambulance if you faint and don't regain consciousness immediately - as in a minute or longer (liability issues) or if someone doesn't know any better and requests one (like my character does).

That's it for my fun facts and editing today.

I had a headache yesterday so I didn't do two chapters yesterday, but I made up for it today.  I am now set to edit Chapter 7 tomorrow, (the 7th - see, easy to remember what chapter I'm on.)  Two chocolates have already been consumed.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Editing Day Four

The photo has nothing to do with the post again.  Had these photos from when I went to the farmers market so why not use them, right?

Editing is a learning experience.  When I was writing mode I would constantly tell myself "I'll look it up later".  Well, it is later now and boy... who knew these things?  I sure didn't:
  • There are 463 books on Amazon in Literature/Fiction that have the word "Duet" in their titles.  I was thinking of 'Duet' for a title but I remember the television show called that and with 463 books with a similar title, there is no way...
  • You can't just quit the Football team.  Apparently, it is a much bigger deal that I had thought. (Thank you critique group for catching this).  But this is an easy fix, I changed it to Track and Field. : )
  • Construction materials for schools have different requirements than for homes.  I didn't know classroom doors, in particular, are fire resistant and that the glass windows used to need to be wired but don't any longer.
The things you learn...  I know a certain high school is going to be looking at their website and wonder why I have been to their site like at least twenty times today and have downloaded all their student manuals.  

PS I have plans to get to chapter five today, that way, the date and the chapter will match.  If I do, I will have TWO chocolates today : )

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Editing Day 2

This picture has nothing to do with the post.  Just felt like adding something visual.  Yeah, that's my cat's paws on the table above.  Yeah, I shoulda cropped this.  Yeah, I'm too busy editing...
Am having my second liquor chocolate as I type this.  Editing chapters 1 & 2 was really rough.  I was trying to limit it to
  • fixing typos,
  • reducing the number of times I use certain words (I, nod, grin, smile) and
  • consistency
Some of the things I found:
  • Mr. Wilson turned to Mr. Cox somewhere along the way
  • I inflict injury on my main character way too often.
  • My duo turned into a duet.
It is enough to pull your hair out.  So, my little 'fixing' turned into a major overhaul.
  • No need to inflict serious injury in the very first chapter. 
  • Consulted with fellow writers group members to make sure my portrayal of certain aspects of high school are based in reality.  This is why having a writer's group is so excellent.  I got two very helpful answers within hours of my asking
  • Finding a duo piece (2 pianos 4 hands) to substitute for a duet piece (1 piano 4 hands) as this is a key point in my plot.
I thought it was 'tight' and I guess it isn't.  Hopefully the next chapters will go smoother...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Have an extra $7000 lying around?

If you have, oh, say $7,000 (highest bid when I checked just now) plus lying around, you can bid on attending the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn Part II with three of your guests on November 12.  As an added bonus, you'll be supporting Film Independent.  For details, check out the link.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere Auction

Liquor Chocolates

CP #1 recommends liquor filled chocolates as a reward each day you achieve your writing goal for NaNo.  So yesterday I substituted a KitKat and a sip of brandy.  But today, I went looking for the real thing.

And here they are! the liquor chocolates.  Had a bit of a time finding them.  But I did - at Cost Plus World Imports.  Did you know you have to be 21 to buy them? 

I got the thirty-six pack, because the next size is 27 and since November has 30 days, I opted for the larger size  - guess I can save the rest for December and some kind of writing reward.

I'm now armed and ready to attack the editing phase. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yay, I am done!  I am proud!  I am done!

283 pages of goodness, 20 pages longer than I had before. 

Celebrating with some kitkats leftover from Halloween and a swig of something alcoholic which substitutes for the liquor-filled chocolates that critique partner recommends.

Sadly, No NaNo for me either...

No NaNoWriMo for me.  I was trying desperately to finish my current WIP with the goal of starting the next one today. 

As you can see from my previous post, I was only 16 pages away from being done.  So I kept writing, but I didn't seem to be getting any closer to 'The End'.  Yeah, I'm adding content.  I'm eight pages away, plus epilogue. 

But the pages feel good, like the last pieces of a puzzle clicking into place.

So, sadly, I once again am missing NaNoWriMo.  Instead, I think I'll edit this WIP.  It isn't going to be a major content edit either. It will be for

  • Typos/punctuation  
  • Cut down on I/nod/smile/grin
  • Add a few scenes to beef up love interest.
I've got 27 chapters so a chapter a day and I should still be able to take off Thanksgiving. Of course, this assumes I finish this sucker today...

Anyway, will be cheering NaNoWriMo participants from the sidelines.  Good luck all!  Kick some butt!