Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today's Editing

Hey, you've still got time if you're on the west coast.

I voted early (but not often - he he, sorry, couldn't help myself).

Anyway, on to today's random findings as it pertains to my WIP.

Maserati GranTurismo
Cost $143,400 approx.

As a side note, there is one parked at my local market in the same spot every time I go.  I often wonder about that...

Aston Martin DBS Volante
Cost $301,856 (fully loaded) approx.

No, I've never seen one parked at my local market.  I've seen a Bentley a few times. 

(Do you think maybe I'm paying too much for groceries?)

Mall security will call an ambulance if you faint and don't regain consciousness immediately - as in a minute or longer (liability issues) or if someone doesn't know any better and requests one (like my character does).

That's it for my fun facts and editing today.

I had a headache yesterday so I didn't do two chapters yesterday, but I made up for it today.  I am now set to edit Chapter 7 tomorrow, (the 7th - see, easy to remember what chapter I'm on.)  Two chocolates have already been consumed.

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  1. Good luck with your chapters today! Love the cars--I'm a total sucker for nice cars like that... Though I would be really scratching my head if I ever saw them at my grocery store!