Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of those days

Yeah, today was a day I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.  Should have just stayed there. 

The temp dropped twenty degrees last week and I made the mistake of leaving the gym with my hair wet.  I know- it is one of the things your parents tell you over and over not to do.  I did it.  I've got a cold now and a sore throat.  I think I have a fever too but that may be my inner hypochondriac (yes I've read FSOG).

So I got feedback from CP #1 on my last set of pages this morning, and while encouraging,  I have a mountain of work to fix.  Which sent me into a small rant of "I'm never going to be done with this sucker". 

Next at work, I had a hurry-up type project to complete and out of the blue some very angry sales person called me to read me the riot act. I can honestly say I didn't deserve it.  I work in advertising.  What the heck is there to be so angry about?  Regardless, I felt lousy afterwards. 

And no progress on editing.  Stuck on trying to come up with a better scene  in chapter 11. So I've been stuck for 3 days, four tomorrow because I'm writing this up instead of trying to fix/edit.  Oh well, like I said, some days, I should just not get out of bed!

Oh, and the cats are on strike because I ran out of Fancy Feast.  I only have Friskies, which they turn their nose up at (thus the photo).


  1. Hope you feel better very soon. Cats are fickle creatures, so is writing. It will all come together when you feel better.

  2. Aww! I hope you feel better! And cats can be quite picky about their food. Silly creatures!