Monday, November 5, 2012

Editing Day Four

The photo has nothing to do with the post again.  Had these photos from when I went to the farmers market so why not use them, right?

Editing is a learning experience.  When I was writing mode I would constantly tell myself "I'll look it up later".  Well, it is later now and boy... who knew these things?  I sure didn't:
  • There are 463 books on Amazon in Literature/Fiction that have the word "Duet" in their titles.  I was thinking of 'Duet' for a title but I remember the television show called that and with 463 books with a similar title, there is no way...
  • You can't just quit the Football team.  Apparently, it is a much bigger deal that I had thought. (Thank you critique group for catching this).  But this is an easy fix, I changed it to Track and Field. : )
  • Construction materials for schools have different requirements than for homes.  I didn't know classroom doors, in particular, are fire resistant and that the glass windows used to need to be wired but don't any longer.
The things you learn...  I know a certain high school is going to be looking at their website and wonder why I have been to their site like at least twenty times today and have downloaded all their student manuals.  

PS I have plans to get to chapter five today, that way, the date and the chapter will match.  If I do, I will have TWO chocolates today : )

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