Sunday, November 4, 2012

Editing Day 2

This picture has nothing to do with the post.  Just felt like adding something visual.  Yeah, that's my cat's paws on the table above.  Yeah, I shoulda cropped this.  Yeah, I'm too busy editing...
Am having my second liquor chocolate as I type this.  Editing chapters 1 & 2 was really rough.  I was trying to limit it to
  • fixing typos,
  • reducing the number of times I use certain words (I, nod, grin, smile) and
  • consistency
Some of the things I found:
  • Mr. Wilson turned to Mr. Cox somewhere along the way
  • I inflict injury on my main character way too often.
  • My duo turned into a duet.
It is enough to pull your hair out.  So, my little 'fixing' turned into a major overhaul.
  • No need to inflict serious injury in the very first chapter. 
  • Consulted with fellow writers group members to make sure my portrayal of certain aspects of high school are based in reality.  This is why having a writer's group is so excellent.  I got two very helpful answers within hours of my asking
  • Finding a duo piece (2 pianos 4 hands) to substitute for a duet piece (1 piano 4 hands) as this is a key point in my plot.
I thought it was 'tight' and I guess it isn't.  Hopefully the next chapters will go smoother...

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  1. Aren't revisions fun? (please read that in my slightly sarcastic tone :) I'm right there with you with the hair-tearing, and wish I had some chocolate liquors!