Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review - Happily Ever After by Jean Haus

See previous post for description and cover:

What I liked:
  • The one thing the author does really really well is the male and female voice.  I was captivated by it in the first book "Sleeping Handsome."  And I love the voices again in this book.
  • The first chapters have the two main characters Paige and Zach together and their relationship feels real and it was everything I wanted in a sequel. 
  • Effortless writing style makes it easy to read in one sitting. 
But of course, too much happily ever after and it gets boring and not enough to sustain a book.  So,

What I didn't care for:
  • The plot keeps the two on separate continents for three-fourths of the book.  This I didn't like, as the relationship is via texts, skype, and phone calls.  And we get to see all the insecurities each has in their relationship.
  • Here is where I didn't like Paige so much.  She comes off as petty and weak.  And she seems untrusting and petty at times.  Meanwhile, Zach comes off as perfect Prince Charming so it makes empathizing with Paige even harder.
These are minor:
  • That Paige gets cast in a major role in a major motion picture and her time working on the "set" didn't feel real to me.
  • Quibble - the title of the movie she's working on is called Valkyrie.  Isn't this the name of a Tom Cruise movie?   
Overall, it was an entertaining read and I enjoyed it. 

I'm giving it four stars.  I liked it alot, but there were things that you may not care for.

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