Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Earthquake Weather

We in So. Cal. are blessed with weather year-round that makes the rest of the U.S. (except for Hawaii) envious.  You can go skiing in the mountains and swimming at the beach in the same day.

But we have earthquakes!  There is something in the air or the temperature that other Angelenos will attest to - we know when it is earthquake weather. Usually when it goes from being cool to super hot overnight, that is earthquake weather.  And today was definitely earthquake weather.

So guess what?  We just had one.  4.4 magnitude.  Enough to get me out of bed and running for the doorway. (Although, they say now doorways aren't the safest place during an earthquake)

They also say pets are able to sense earthquakes and the smart ones give warning to their owners.  No such luck here.  Both Charlie and Chester cat didn't even wake up until they saw me running for the doorway.  And they just yawned and went back to sleep.


  1. So the City of Angeles was rocked somewhat again. I always knew about the animal warning, but thought it was dogs who sensed the, My 3 cats can only sense that when I walk out the door of the house I will return with cat treats.

    Headed over to the U.S. Geological site to check on the world's earthquake activity today.


  2. We just had one too here in Scandinavia! Also 4.4,and at five in the morning, but it was out in the sea. None of us woke up. I'm with the cats...

  3. We just had one here in Charleston last week - only a 2.8, but it always makes me nervous a bigger one is on the way. We get a fair amount of really small ones, and my dog does sometimes get up and look around right before it happens.