Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lee's Sandwiches

I know 56% of the US is experiencing sweltering heat so I'm not going complain about how hot it is here. But I didn't feel like eating microwaved food for lunch today.  Instead I went to Lee's Sandwiches.  It is a chain restaurant and they just opened one nearby.  They specialize in "asian sandwiches" or Bahn Mi.  I tried once two years ago to get a Bahn Mi from the super-popular Nom Nom Truck.  It was just after they were featured on Food Network's Food Truck Race. 

Anyway, never had a Bahn Mi, never been to Lee's Sandwiches so today was the day!! 

Three of us had sandwiches, & soda for $14.00!  Very inexpensive.  And yummy.  The vegetables are pickled and flavorful.  And they bake their own bread.  It is a cold sandwich and it isn't very heavy so it ws just perfect for today. 

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