Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blood Oath by T.L. Clarke

Here is the description from Amazon:

Preteen & Teen: Summer Reading
Age Level: 9 and up
Series: The Gabby Girls Adventure Series #2
[mystery, adventure, multicultural, diverse, paranormal fiction]

The battle against pure evil begins. Friendships are betrayed. Rivals bond...and powers collide.

Before I discovered that I was born into a secret society called the Eternals, blood-oath

Warriors sworn to track and slay the dark and evil creatures that walk the shadows of the earth, the only major thing that I, I mean we--that's me, Jessica, Rosalinda, and Zora--cared about was starting our freshman year at Vineswell Academy, the prestigious boarding school for girls.

But that was way before the blinders were cruelly ripped from our eyes and cold reality slapped us on the back of our heads with a chain of not-so-nice realities, like the fact that everything we knew about our mothers was all lies, essentially smoke and mirrors designed to hide their very secretive lives as Circles, women Warriors inside the very deadly world of the Eternal Warriors.

My Review

Huge apologies to the author. I promised to post this after 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of the book and it has taken me more like 4 months.

First, I will start off saying the cover is gorgeous! But the girl on the cover looks older, than the main characters in the story who are 13-14. This book is written for a younger crowd. I would call it Tween, not Young Adult. The good news is there is no cursing or sex. The bad news is there is no cursing or sex.

This book is the second book in the Gabby Girls Adventures series. I haven’t read the first one but I was able to follow along just fine without the background of the first one. However, I found character development was light, making it hard to root for anybody. I’m thinking that the first book focused more heavily on character.

The story has the four girls at a new school. A school where they learn to harness their unique magical abilities. In this regard, it bears a very slight similarity to the structure of the Harry Potter books. But the world is totally different from HP and very unique.

Another similarity to HP was the multitude of characters. I found it hard to keep track of everybody. But, I had a hard time with HP as well. So if you could keep track of HP’s characters, you’ll probably have no problem.

The main character, Gabby is just coming into her own and you have to admire her bravery and her strength.

The chapters on focusing on the lessons were the most interesting. That being said, there isn’t a really strong plot line until the last 20 percent of the book. The ending will have you wanting to read the next installment right away.

Overall I am giving it 3 stars – Liked it more than I didn’t like it

Note: I was gifted a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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