Tuesday, May 22, 2012


No, not referencing about the Twilight book or movie.  There was a solar eclipse Sunday and able to witness it. As you know, you're not able to look directly at it.  But here are some photos:

We made a little hole in a piece of paper and then held it up to the sun.  The little crescent in the middle of the tree trunk?  That's the eclipse.

And all these crescent shadows?  This is the pattern made by the eclipse through the trees.

I thought it was pretty cool.  The lady is dressed in costume because we were at the Ren Faire.  I took a gazillion photos.  More tomorrow.

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  1. Mysterious shadows of eclipse here and there!! How interesting! I could not buy special glasses, so gave up to see eclipse. But there was such a fantastic way to enjoy it.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. Have a great day!