Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog slump

Been having a bit of a blog slump here.  Sister's b-day, brother-in-law's b-day, Mother's Day, father's b-day, my b-day all fall within a 2.5 week period.  It is worse than Christmas.  Plus a good friend had her bridal shower in there too.  I am glad it is over!!!

My real name means 'May'.  So on my actual b-day, I took the day off and went to the apple store and got the new ipad.

It has a freakingly awesome camera.  (My original ipad didn't have a camera).  Here is an ipad photo of my two sweeties - Charlie on the left and Chester on the right.  They are both twelve this year, which makes 'em like 60 in cat years.  Note to self - they need to start on the senior cat food.  Note to self - training them not to jump on the bed isn't really working...

I debated going to Denny's for the free birthday Grand Slam Breakfast but decided I woke up too late and would be breakfasting with the senior citizen crowd which would have been kind of depressing.

Instead, for lunch I went and got a Whopper with Cheese, Fries and a coke.  Yeah, and chocolate cake too! That's about a gazillion calories, but I figure it is okay on your b-day. 

A-A-A-C-K!  I'm turning into the Cat Lady...  Okay no more cat pictures (at least this post.)

And then I got tickets for Barry Manilow at the bowl for Fourth of July this year!  If you follow this blog at all, you know I'm a FANILOW so tickets to Barry is like the ultimate of ultimates.  At one time I think I had three of this album (yeah, people just kept buying it for me).  I think I still have one somewhere...

But the above and work are all excuses for the lack of posts recently. I promise to do better.  Really...
And I've been reading a ton of books and I owe a ton of reviews, here.  Apologies, to anybody whose review is still outstanding. 


  1. Phew, I think you deserve a rest from all your festivities. It's great to celebrate though.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun birthday! I always wonder how so many b-day's can get into a short period of time--we have a similar two week period in my family and it always leave me scrambling. (Oh, and calories SO don't count on birthdays. Nor on weekends :)

  3. Your May sounds just like mine. I feel your pain! Don't be hard on yourself. You deserve a break, and a big sloppy cheeseburger, too. Happy birthday!

  4. Wow, you've been a busy bee. Well, Happy Birthday! Glad it was fun.