Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hunger Names

I follow Rachel Morgan's blog: 
She's got the first book of her Creepy Hollow series out and is currently conducting a blog tour. 

I'm not part of the tour or anything but the book sound great.  And she has a very interesting blog.  Check it out if you can and get her book if it sounds like something you like to read.

Anyway, her post today led me to this site:


It gives you what your name would be if you were a character in Hunger Games, what district you're in and how you met your, ahem, demise.


I'm CUP GOLDENWOOD.  I'm a district 6 tribute in the 41st Hunger Games and apparently fell victim to a swarm of monkey-like creatures.  Haha.  Sounds like another one of those Rachel Harrie Campaigner challenges.

"Hey Cup!  Get me another cup would ya?"

Tell me what your Hunger Name is?


  1. Cup ... that's an awesome name! :)

  2. Apparently I'm Westych Fickletoot, District 11 tribute in the 45th Hunger Games who died by bee sting.

    Your death is cooler.

    1. Westych! Okay I'm going to start using this site to name all my characters henceforth! lol

    2. "Westych! Where's your sister, Eastych?"

  3. I read Rachel's book and loved it! She's a talented writer. :)

    Ooh! I'm going to check out the Hunger Names site now.