Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How important is the book cover?

I know the old adage "Don't judge a book by its cover".  But when you are talking about e-books, there are hundreds - thousands to choose from and everything/anything you can do to attract a potential buyer - including an attractive cover is imporant.
I'm not proud.  I admit I'm drawn to the pretty covers first.

which would you buy of each of these two pairings. Yeah, okay, this is skewed to the female reader.


  1. I try not to judge on the cover. I go by the blurb, but an attractive cover can draw me to a book. I'd choose the first ones in each pairing.

    1. That is good of you. I'll read the blurb before hitting "buy" but the cover is the thing that attracts me to even open the description.

  2. A good cover always make a difference because it is the first thing people will see. Take for instance, the book "Lady Lawbreaker" by G.J. Fuller (You can see it's cover on Amazom.com); that book's cover hooked me instantly. It's simple, but really gets your attention. So yes, the cover makes a big difference.