Sunday, March 4, 2012

ComiCon tickets

It used to be so easy to get tickets.  Go to the convention center, walk upstairs, buy your ticket, and you're in.

Not this year.  This year, they instituted a new system.  You had to sign up for a membership ID prior to tickets going on sale.  I did that four weeks ago.

Yesterday, Saturday, the tickets went on sale at 8:00 am pacific time.  Armed with my membership ID, I clicked on the site at 8:00 am exactly.  I didn't get onto the site.
I did it again.  Still, no luck.  Finally, the third time, (approximately at 8:02 am) I got onto the site.

I was number 45,670!  As in there were 45,669 other people who logged on to buy their tickets ahead of me. 

UNBELIEVABLE.  So anyway, I stay on, waiting patiently for my turn.  The site seems to be able to process about 1000 people per minute which is pretty impressive.  Anyway, when I get to be #36,700 in line all the four day passes are sold out.  That is okay, I tell myself.  I'll buy a Friday and Saturday one day pass or something.

I wait some more.  I think I'm on line now an hour plus when the message flashes that All Friday and Saturday passes are sold.  I'm still #25,600 in line.  How did this little comic book convention become such a big dealio? 

I give up and quit the line.

Ah well, guess it wasn't meant to be. 


  1. Wow, that's crazy! I knew it was popular, but that's insane! Sorry you didn't get tickets.

  2. do u think they will have a HG panel this year? They didnt last year but it's going to explode after the movie comes out.

    1. I bet they do, now that they have acquired summit. I'm sure they're using the Twilight model.