Monday, February 13, 2012

sunday 2-12 ROW80 Check- in

well feedback from CP #1 was very encouraging. Had critique group tonight as well. Not as encouraging but still, positive. I guess I will continue on with the current revision method.

Had pilates session yesterday. Not as sore as when I had the personal training but the trainer wasn't paying as much attention either. Is it just me, or does the pilates equipment remind anybody else of instruments of torture? I mean one of them looked like the rack, the other looked like a stockade... I did the cardio thing twice on top of that so I did good.

Healthy eating
didnt do so good what with the tuesday night drink-a-thon, last night's gal's night out and today's lunch with sister. will try to do better


  1. I've never had an actual critique group. I've been critiqued in writing classes, and I've had one on one critique relationships with people, but never a group. How do you find a critique group?

    1. Good question. One way is if you are a member of SCBWI then they have a message board and there are always people looking for groups or members.

      I belong to a local writer's group as well and members form together for critique groups.

      I live in an area where I can't throw a stone out the window and not hit a writer so friends of friends always have some kind of writing thing going on.

      Finally, one friend I know just walked into a coffee shop, noticed a writer's group going on and asked if he could join. I personally couldn't do that, but he's fearless!

      Oh and finally finally I think there are writer's meet-up groups. just google "writers meetup nameofyourcity"

  2. Pilates always scares the crap out of me because I take one look at those machines and my imagination runs away from me. Eep! My mom & sister love it--one of these days I'll give it a shot :)

    1. Yeah, it wasn't as bad as it looks. A lot like yoga. Supposedly supposed to give you the long ballet dancer's type frame instead of bulking you up.

  3. Dropping by from the campaign. :)

    I've always wanted to try pilates or yoga with an instructor, but I haven't yet. Critique groups can be invaluable. It at least helps you establish your readers and sometimes see things a different way.