Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ROW80 Wednesday 2-15

Here is my check-in

Fitness - GOOD GOOD GOOD.  I stepped on a scale, lost five pounds in two weeks! And I wasn't even trying.  I'm sure it will get harder as I go along but I did the victory dance this a.m.

Writing - yes. Critique group Sunday night, fixed stuff from critique notes and plodding into the next section of revisions.

Eating healthy - yes and no.  I've been eating healthy but I've been eating at weird times of the day.  Today there is no food in the house because I skipped the grocery shopping this past weekend so I ate  gherkins and black olives for dinner... probably not the best nutritionwise.

Reading - currently reading "The Darkening Dream" so I can post a review here.  "On Writing" by Stephen King is extremely smooth reading.  "Unearthly" by Cynthia Hand. I wasn't going to read this til after I finished Darkening Dream but it is extremely addictive and one of the gals in critique group is writing about fallen angels as well.


  1. What a kicking update post! Congrats on the five pounds... it's so motivating to have a great week, isn't it?! *high fives*

  2. Yes, congrats on the five pounds! I'm a new follower from the campaign. Nice to meet you!