Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yeah, I have been feeling poorly again last week.  So I call up the doctor's office on a Wednesday and they can't take me until today.  The following week later.  They tell me to try for a same day appointment.  I do that Thursday, Friday.  No luck.  They give me the number and address for urgent care.

On Saturday, I go to urgent care.  There are at least twenty people looking much worse than me.  I go home, stay in bed.  On Monday, I again try for a same day appointment.  It is like some kind of twisted lottery system.  No luck again.

By yesterday I'm feeling much better thanks to my own treatment of a pint of orange juice twice a day.

So, I still have that Wednesday appointment.  If I cancel they charge me a cancellation fee.  Dang it.  I'm going to go and give my doctor a piece of my mind.

I get there and they weren't busy - there wasn't even another patient in the place.

So basically, I pay my co-pay, wait 20 minutes in an empty waiting room, listening to admin. assistants make chit chat.  Someone calls and the admin assistant informs them of the fee for cancellation of appointment.  Maybe that is how they make their money?

So I finally get into see the doctor who tells me I should have come in earlier?  Hello?!!!  

The doctor is good at listening.  That is why I'm still with him.  We talk about symptoms I HAD and he thinks it was a viral infection.  Not that it makes any sense to do tests at this point. 

As I leave, the Dr. says "Thanks for feeding my kids."



  1. That sucks. But his comment at the end: hilarious.

  2. ARGH indeed. First you can't get an appointment, then you can't cancel it, then it doesn't help...Yeesh. What a mess.

    1. yes, just another something else wrong with the health care system

  3. I am so glad you are beginning to feel better.

    1. Oh, thanks for your kind thoughts!

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