Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

I don't know how the blog "YA between the lines" is the only one who has it but there is the first chapter of Bloodlines as told by Adrian.  It didn't end up in the final book.  It is like one of those extras you get with a special edition DVD.
Anyway, if you're a Vampire Academy fan, you'll love it.

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  1. This book is essentially a parallel continuance of the Vampire Academy series and is the first book in its own series. I absolutely cannot explain how devastated I was when I finished the VA series and thought that I would never get to see any more of my favorite characters. Well - I was wrong. And I can say that after the ending of Last Sacrifice (VA #6) I really did want to see more of Sydney the Alchemist. The way that Mead has created this world of vampires defies all of the usual, cheesy stereotypes out there - and by incorporating humans, the Alchemists - the universe of the Moroi and dhampirs vs. the Strigoi becomes more complex.

    Sydney is an incredibly strong female protagonist, which I love. She is raised to be completely terrified of all vampire - taught to despise dhampirs and any relationship with vampires, and the Strigoi are what nightmares are made of. Instead of backing down in the face of conflict, Sydney remembers what a strong, resilient person Rose is and takes a few lessons in standing up for herself.