Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Been Tagged and questions for you

Blissfully Brenna has tagged me.  She gives good advice for the aspiring writer.  Visit her over at:  Anyway, in case you wanted to know even MORE about me:

1. Coffee or tea?
Coffee.  I make it for the office every morning because I'm the first one in and I can't function without it.

2. What was the first story you can remember writing?
A picture book about a girl looking to find somewhere to eat her breakfast.  Okay, it was a banana but I didn't understand the symbolism at the time...  And I got first prize in my 4th grade class so THERE!

3. What TV show, video game, movie would you recommend to other writers?
"Letters from Iwo Jima" since I know the writer. (yeah, shameless plug).

4. What time of day are you most productive?
If I can stay awake - between 1-2am.

5. Green or black olives?
Black olives.  They lower your cholesterol too. (or so I've been told)

6. What was your first car?
Um, Buick Opal.  Do they make those anymore?  Sky blue.  Yeah, never seen another one that color on the road. 

7. What is your guilty pleasure?
Salted Caramels - obsessed with them  

8. Are you a fan of footie pajamas?
(No.  I know this is the boring answer.)

9. What's something you didn't think you'd like that you did/do?
I didn't think I'd like reading "The Hunger Games" from the description.  I mean kids killing kids for sport? But I really got into it.

10. Favorite salad dressing?
Hmm.  Ranch?  But only when I don't have to talk to anybody afterwards (garlic).

11. What is your most embarrassing nickname? (Or, just any nickname. You don't have to give an embarrassing one.)
That would mean I'd have to give you my real name.   Let me just say that many people tell me they have pigs named the same as me.  Is that embarrassing enough for you?

I'm not tagging anyone as I mentioned before, it is kind of like a chain letter.  But nobody wanted to answer the questions I thought up last time so I'm posting them again in case you want to share more about yourself. (And I thought they were pretty good questions myself...)

1. If you could pick any movie to write a sequel for, what would it be? Why?

2. & 3. Stealing this one from "Inside The Actor's Studio." What is your favorite word ? What word do you hate?

4. & 5. If you could have dinner with anyone (real or imaginary, living or dead) who would it be? What would you serve or what restaurant would you go to?

6. What is the significance of the images or colors or name of your blog? Or just tell me why your blog is set up the way it is.

7. What is the last book you read? Why'd you read it? How'd you like it?

8. What would be the title of your autobiography?

9. What is the worst gift you ever received?

10. Who is your favorite actor/singer/celebrity?

11. Stephen King in his book "On Writing" talks about the 'Ideal Reader'. The person he's looking to entertain with his writing (the person he's writing for). His ideal reader is his wife. Who is your Ideal Reader?



  1. (still giggling about the banana book! :) Fun post! And, just for fun, my ideal readers are my characters. Random, right? I find myself writing for them more than anything, haha!

    1. Not random at all. I was thinking I don't really have an ideal reader either so I'm writing for myself too!

  2. Hi, new follower here. :) It was nice to learn about you, and the questions you provided are really neat, too. I especially like the last one about Stephen King's ideal reader. Glad to have found your blog!

    1. Thanks for following. I'm returning the favor. So who is your ideal reader?