Thursday, January 12, 2012

ROW80 Wednesday check in

It is technically Thursday but I will pretend it is still Wednesday...

First, here is a picture of our city hall courtyard.  Yeah, it is the middle of January...  But I digress.

Writing Goal - write three days a week.
Yes, did it already.  But I only have one new paragraph to show for it.  The first two days was making suggested changes from critique group.

Exercise Goal - exercise three days a week.
No.  Haven't started this yet.  I got a facial peel.  No sunlight until the weekend.

Eat Healthy - yes, been good since my lapse Sunday night at the burger place...

Book review goal (this is new)- I've been asked to review some books here.  I have three more to go.  Hopefully I'll get the first one up this week...


  1. Good goals. And nice city hall. Crazy weather we're having, aren't we? :)

  2. Okay, I'm late. Hey, beautiful courtyard, weather looks lovely there. One new paragraph is still a new paragraph, plus changes can sometimes be harder than new writing. You did good!