Sunday, January 8, 2012

Row80 - Sunday Check In

Here is my second check in

Writing Goal -write 3 days a week
I did this.  I did more than this.  I feel good.  I've been doing the 'rewrite from hell' method - rewrite each page at least five times - each time looking to fix different things.  Well I had a writer's group tonight so I was furiously getting my pages ready.  And I'm pleased to say, the 'rewrite from hell' method works!  But the downside is that it is so labor intensive.

Exercise Goal - walk 3 days a week
I did two days.  Mainly because of the roof situation.  You see I had my roof replaced this past week.  They started at 7:30 each morning but showed up at 7 each morning. I had to be out of the house by 7:30 which is normally the time I'm walking.  Vow to do better this coming week
Eat Healthier
I fell off the bandwagon tonight.  (In-'N-Out #2 combo tonight for dinner).  The rest of the week I was good, so good.  Gave up artificial sweetners, red meat, white rice, white bread.

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  1. Having just driven through a Whataburger (popular in Texas) and gotten a combo, I'm feeling that "oops" moment too. But it sure was gooooood.

    Congrats on reaching your writing goal. The "rewrite from hell" method sounds like a good idea. It's hard to get everything the first time, or second time, or third . . . I find myself needing to edit several times and check for different issues for each of those.

    Hope you have a terrific ROW80 week!