Sunday, January 15, 2012

ROW80 Check-in Sunday 1-15-12

writing goal - write three days a week
I am on a roll.  After struggling since Thanksgiving, I'm finally in a groove.  Eight good pages.  I also wrote every day this week.  If the muse is still here today I'm going to keep writing.  Writing until I urn out of steam or Spider Solitaire stops working. 

I made the smartest move Friday night.  I deleted a computer game that I'd been obsessing with.  I deleted it off the computer so I wouldn't be tempted to spend three hours trying to achieve a perfect score.

exercise goal - exercise three days a week
I did nada, zip, zilch. Plenty of excuses though.  My face is peeling right now.  I signed up for a series of chemical peels to get rid of these cafe ole marks I've had since grade school.  Anyway, I started to peel yesterday and I'm not supposed to go out in sunlight for a while.  Sounds like a vampire, huh?

I did go over and check out Equinox gym.  So pricey, but it is more spa-like than gym like.  Maybe I'll go more often.  I didn't commit yet, but I probably will... After my face stops itching.

eat healthier
yes, not an issue at all when you don't have anything unhealthy in your house.  The temptation is there to go get a burger and I fell off the bankwagon last Sunday.  I just won't go anywhere near the burger place today.
My friend's wedding is in 6 months and I want to have lost weight by then.

book reviewing
started reading "Rae Of Hope" Saturday.  I promised the review would be up today so I'm going to focus on finishing that today.


  1. well done you getting rid of game was it hard - and writing groove back yay - all the best for coming week when does the peel finish?

  2. WOO HOO! Deleted, procrastination inducing game!! oh, so much respect being sent your way this morning!!!

    Here's to hoping the Muses stay close all week long...

    Great to read your ROW80 update today!