Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memoirs Of The Damned by Vincent Autega

This author contacted me for a review but it isn't really a genre I read.  I felt it would be a disservice to try to review it.  Instead, I'm bringing it to your attention as it may be something you're interested in?

Plus, always happy to help a fellow writer trying to promote their work.

Title:  Memoirs of the damned
Author:  Vincent Autega
Genre:  Horror/Fantasy/YA

Ebook format:  word/pdf/mobi
Word/page count: 46400/68
Publisher: Nina Hobson - Hellicious Horrors Epublishing

And here is the synopsis:

“A Vampire epic set in a timeless gothic medieval backdrop with the palpable sensation of rage and loss.
Andross Ameliyo’s world is constantly beset by tragedy. On a stormy night he is given a choice that will ultimately spell damnation for himself or for those around him. Will he choose revenge or redemption?"

Go here for more information on the book:
There is a short excerpt and an interview with the author. 
I wish you success Vincent!

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