Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miss Snark's First Victim Contest

Miss Snark's First Victim (MSFV) had her annual Baker's Dozen Agent Auction.  It is incredibly helpful to go read the entries and see what got bid on, what didn't.

Here's how it worked:
You write a log line which is 100 words (I think), could be more or a little less?  And then the first 250 words of your novel.

MSFV had two days where she accepted I think the first 300 entries in the adult fiction category and then two more days where she accepted the first 300 YA entries.
Then she read them all and selected the top 25 adult entries and the top 35 YA entries.
She posted all 60 on her website.  Then 13 agents bid on them.  They bid in pages.  So agent A would bid to read 10 pages, the agent B would bid to read 50 etc.  When they reached 150, then someone could bid to read the full manuscript.

You can go over and see the 60 entries that MSFV thought were well written enough from 600 to make the cut.

And then you can see which got bid on and for how many pages.  Very educational, very informative.

Go here and be amazed, impressed, motivated...


  1. Awesome! I wish I have known about this. I would've joined in. Thanks for the link! :)

  2. David,
    MSFV does a smaller version of this contest every month and I believe your odds are better with the monthly contest. So watch her site for the next one.