Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Made It

Made it through the holiday with all obligations fulfilled.  This is a big deal from someone who has in years past resorted to sending out new year's cards and giving gift cards bought at the local supermarket at 11 pm the night before.

But no, had all my cards personally addressed and mailed with cute holiday stamps well before Christmas.

Had my presents all purchased two weeks prior.  Wrapped and addressed at least two days prior to giving them out.

The pot roast for Christmas Eve turned out and the potato side dish turned out well.

I think it is because I know my limit.  Like I would never attempt to make my own Christmas tree the way sister-in-law did (picture on left).  She made this tree!  Isn't it awesome? 
The only thing I slacked on was my writing and my blog.  Okay, that is two things.  Oh, and I kind of gave up on exercise.  But I guess that will be a New Year's resolve.

But now, my town sets itself into high gear for the annual parade which takes place next Monday.  (Rose Parade is never on a Sunday).  Hopefully, I'll get out and take some photos of the preparation this week.

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