Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting Ready For The Parade Part II

This is one of the large warehouses where the parade floats are built.  The flowers are starting to be added. 

It is 9:30 in the morning and already chaos.  I especially like the "Glue Bar" where you belly up to get your mix of glue.  See those gentlemen with the red ties?  Those are Tournament of Roses officials. I believe (don't quote me) they volunteer.  You start out directing traffic or some other lowly task the first year and slowly work your way up the responsibility chain.
These folks are up pretty high.  I took this from the catwalk above. (Lions Club Float)

The decorating is all done by volunteers.  I volunteered one year.  Spent a day filling little tubes with a mix of water and seven up.  And then cutting purple flower petals into teeny pieces the size of a centimeter.

I think local high schools give credit or something for volunteering (again, don't quote me).  When I went for my day of volunteering, the crew boss was a high school senior who'd been doing it for "years"!

This is the City of LA float

This gives you a better perspective of tall the floats are. (I think this is the Lutheran Float)

These ladies are in a lift.

City of Glendale Float
I didn't realize the attention to detail that went into the decorating.

Look at how carefully each flower is selected and prepared to be glued onto the float.

This brave person had to climb onto the Elephant to get into the hard to reach places to decorate.
Just some advice for people who might be in town.  Avoid Orange Grove and Colorado starting tomorrow afternoon.  The people start to line the streets, camp out overnight for the parade.  If you drive down these streets, you are likely to get things like  marshmallows and tortillas thrown at your car.

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