Thursday, December 29, 2011

Farsighted Review

So I also got a chance to read Farsighted.  I'm not going to give a synopsis since I've been doing the blog tour thing all week about it. (read previous posts)

Things I liked (in order of importance):

Alex, the main character is blind.  He was born that way, but it doesn't define him.  When the story begins, he is a normal, well-adjusted high school sophomore.

The gradual introduction and development of his powers and the mysterious, mystical world around him kept my attention.

The plot kept me guessing, and it kept building and raising the stakes to a climax.

Simmi was very likeable, and not your typical love-interest, side-kick.  She's got some powers too.  There is a third character, Shapri, not as well-defined. I think maybe she'll play a more prominent role in the next novels?

Parents - I like that there are parents who are active participants in the story. So many of the YA books I read have no parentals due to accident, boarding school and the like.

No typo's that I noticed.  It was properly formatted and even had neat little rune drawings.  It also had chapter breaks which is my pet peeve with most e-books.

Things I didn't like:

Ending:  Without giving away spoilers... Yes, there was a definite ending.  The whole thing has been building building to a climax and then Ka-Pow, there is a sudden shift in one of the characters.  Didn't see it coming but then, it didn't really satisfy either.  Turns out this is the first in a series.  While it wasn't the "non-ending" I hate so much, it did still bother me a little.

Cover.  Yeah, I'm shallow but in an environment where book bloggers are critiquing cover art, I felt like there was so much more potential for this novel.


It was entertaining and enjoyable read.  I'm not sorry I read it. And you can't beat the price. $0.99.  Heck, my cable TV costs more than that! Will I read the next one?  Yeah, for sure. 

My rating:  4 stars - I liked it but I'm not sure you will

NOTE:  I received a e-book copy in exchange for a review.


  1. Thanks so much for the review, Hello Kitty. I like your breakdown of what you enjoyed and what you didn't. I'm actually contemplating working on a new version to incorporate all the great feedback I'm getting for bloggers, so thank you very much! Would you be willing to show some cross-post love on GoodReads and Amazon? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you :-D

  2. wow, that is like an interactive novel! yes, I will post on amazon and goodreads.