Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Farsighted Contest!

Yeah, Here is the part of the tour I forgot -- you can win stuff!!.  I wasn't sure from the instructions if it was just the blog host who could win, but I understand now that anyone can win!  There are contests every day until Friday so I'll be updating.

As part of this special promotional extravaganza sponsored by Novel Publicity, the price of the Farsighted eBook edition is just 99 cents this week.
What’s more, by purchasing this fantastic book at an incredibly low price, you can enter to win many awesome prizes, including lots of Amazon gift cards (up to $100 in amount) and 5 autographed copies of the book. Be sure to enter before the end of the day on Friday, December 30th, so you don’t miss out.

To Win the Prizes1.Purchase your copy of Farsighted for just 99 cents on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

2.Fill-out the form on Novel Publicity to enter for the prizes

3.Visit today’s featured event; you may win an autographed copy of the book or a $50 gift card!

4.BONUS: If you leave a comment on this blog post, you have another chance at $100!

5.DOUBLE BONUS: If I receive more comments than any other blogger, *I* win $100.
…And I can win too!Over 100 bloggers are participating in this gigantic event, and there are plenty of prizes for us too. The blogger who receives the most votes in the traffic-breaker poll will win a $100 gift card as well. So when you visit Novel Publicity’s site to fill-out the contest entry form, don’t forget to say that I referred you, so I can get a point in the poll.

Here is today's (Tuesday's) contest:
A tweet is tiny, only 140 characters. But on Tuesday, it could win you $50. Send the following tweet across the twittersphere, and you just may win a $50 Amazon gift card. An autographed copy of Farsighted is also up for grabs. The winners will be announced Wednesday morning. Here’s the tweet: Looking for a fun read to round out your holiday break? The paranormal YA hit Farsighted is just 99 cents! http://ow.ly/81Dt1 #whirlwind


  1. Thank you for hosting me yet again, Hello Kitty. You're awesome! :-D

  2. Don't you think that 'tweet' is a funny word? And who would have thought 5 years ago that 'tweet' would mean anything other than a sound a bird makes?
    (new gfc follower)