Friday, December 2, 2011

Dystopic Novel in the works!

Due to the high winds I have no electricity.  I will not have power until Monday earliest. 

I can't blow dry the hair
I have no heat
I have no microwave
I have no television/cable/DVD
I have no wi-fi
gas pumps don't work
And it is like a war zone trying to navigate all the downed trees in the area.

I'm wondering what people did for entertainment before Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison.  But on the other hand, I see a Dystopic novel in my future! 

The entire area was dark last night except for one place - the local supermarket.  The owner doesn't know why he has electricity when everybody else does.  Like a moth to flame, I drove there last night.  The place was packed.  There is a little bakery/coffee shop inside and they had free wi-fi so it was standing room only!

 The owner got on the PA and reported the local news as it happened and also offered everyone free storage space in his freezers/refrigerators.  He said, just bring your foods, label the bags with your name on it and I'll keep it cold for you.  I thought that was very neighborly and he just earned my business away from the big chain grocery stores.

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