Monday, December 19, 2011

Did you ever see so many desserts?

 Every year, my sister's husband's sister (got that?) has a big open house.  This is a catered affair and everyone is asked to bring a dessert.  It is definitely overkill.  Look at all the sweets.  There were so many that they ran out of places to put everything

Some were outside, some in the kitchen, some here... wherever there was a flat surface, there was a dessert there.

I took this when we first got there.  The desserts here just kept piling on, ontop of each other - all vying for attention.

Chocolate fountain with mountains of fruit cut up

 They had both a dark chocolate and milk chocolate fondue.

I brough this cute little strawberry shortcake with the "Happy Holidays" sign.  It was yummy.  No, I didn't eat the whole thing myself.



Serious diet starts tomorrow...


  1. Wow! Who is going to eat all that? And over how many days?

  2. Hmm, my brother-in-law took home a big boxful. I didn't need the extra inches to the waistline. Hopefully other folks took stuff home.