Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Restaurant Review

It was a friend's belated birthday and so we went here to Osteria La Buca.
I guess it is right near Paramount Studios and the Jonas Brothers have been known to show up with their various dates.

First thing - it was so very noisy (bad acoustics). We had to shout across the table at each other.

The appetizers - not much to choose from.  My friend had been there before and said the portions weren't very big.  So instead of an appetizer, we ordered a pizza and split it three ways.  The pizza was fine, tasty, and it didn't seem very small to me.

For main course, I got a crab ravioli with a corn/butter sauce.  This was TINY!  The ravioli's were about an inch in length and about a half an inch across.  And there were maybe 8 of them.  It was yummy but so little food.  I ate them one at a time because otherwise, I'd be done in 2 minutes.  I am not a big eater or anything but I was still hungry afterwards.

My friend who had been there before said, 'oh, we need the bread.  The bread is delicious here.'  Okay.  We had to ask for bread.  Maybe because we had the pizza appetizer, they didn't bring bread?  I don't know.  Anyway, they brought the bread.  It was, I swear I'm not making this up, a piece that was a three inch square.  For the table.  It was cold, stale, hard.  (My friend said it was different from what she had).  I got an inch slice.  Still hungry.

"Well, thank goodness there is dessert," I said.  "We'd better order two," my other friend said.  Good idea.  We ordered a olive oil cake and a chocolate budino with sea salt.  Oh and the coffee drinkers ordered some.

The coffee came first.  So bitter we couldn't drink it.  The waitress offered to take it off the tab but we opted instead to dump the entire pitcher of cream into it.  Still bitter.

Then the budino was the size of a shotglass and cold and hard.  Is it supposed to be hard?  It was like a chocolate bar with some cream and salt sprinkled on top of it. 

Then the olive oil cake came.  I think it was just the same bread but with olive oil and sweet lemon meringue mixed in.  Maybe an inch and a half  slice and 4 inch square.  It was a decent size. 

Then the bill came.  $140 for three people, and we didn't even drink and I was still hungry.

One star - waste of time and definitely a waste of money.  Don't go.  Just go to McDonalds first and wait outside if you want to see someone famous.


  1. holy wow that's crazy. What a terrible experience. I'm sorry. I hope that you can find somewhere else more fun to eat next time you go out!

  2. What a disappointment! And $140 is quite a large amount...