Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ranting about Breaking Dawn

Being the trend-savvy individual that I am, I went to see "Breaking Dawn" today.  Unlike years past, I did not wait two hours in line in the hot San Diego sun to get into Hall H at ComiCon to get my first look at the cast.  Nor did I wait an hour and a half in line upstairs to get my "Twilight" poster signed by the cast and Stephenie Meyer.  Nor did I camp out over the weekend so I could scream and shout at the stars as they made their way into the Nokia Theater for the premiere.

No, I very maturely bought my tickets the day before online and went to the ArcLight where there is reserved seating.  Because the prices are higher, there aren't as many screaming girls so one can actually hear the words being spoken and there are no torn eardrums everytime Jacob appears shirtless onscreen.  (Does the kid own a shirt?)

Anyway, the movie was very enjoyable.  The wedding was gorgeous!!! The dress was gorgeous.  And the Cullens and Bella were, well, gorgeous!  Very true to the book.  And hopefully you stayed for the little scene at the end after the credits?  Gorgeous Jamie Campbell Bower...
All in all an enjoyable 114 minutes.


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