Sunday, November 6, 2011

My sweeties

I always am afraid I'm going to become that slightly off-her-rocker old lady with twenty cats.  I'm already more than slightly off-my-rocker.  But honestly, just taking care of these two sweethearts is plenty.  I'd be needing several industrial-strength kitty litter boxes if I got any more cats.
Charlie's on the left, Chester's on the right.  Notice how well I taught them not to jump on the bed.


  1. It's nice that they can get along so well together. My two cats may sit together sometimes, but it's usually only by accident. They are much more interested in chasing each other around the house. Occasionally, they groom one another, but within 30 seconds it usually escalates into another wrestling match.

  2. They look very well trained to me :D

    And gorgeous. It's good they get on that well.

  3. the two kittens were in the same cage at the humane society. I couldn't decide so I brought them both home. The is definitely a hierarchy. Chester is the alpha, even though he weighs half as much as Charlie. Charlie is just a sweet, sweet cat.