Friday, November 4, 2011

My OMG Day

Today (or yesterday) now, turned out to be quite the OMG day. OMG (Oh. My. God) x 70 (approximately) was what the first e-mail I got this morning.

I may have mentioned my awesome critique partner #1. She lives outside the U.S. Anyway, we met over our love of Maggie Stiefvater. So when I heard Maggie was coming to Fairview to promote her new book "The Scorpio Races", my first thought was, to get CP#1 a signed copy. Well it took like a week+ but she finally got it this morning. And it was a bit of a surprise - thus the OMG's.

I am terrible at keeping secrets so I didn't even mention anything about it here, afraid I'd somehow leak the surprise. But , I am so eager to read this book, and the Author got a movie deal out of it just recently. She also writes a really good blog with lots of writerly tips. You can see a link to her blog on the right of my blog.

The second sets of OMGs were quite a bit different. Turns out some people I know got/will be arrested. Made the local newspaper headlines on both coasts. So

friends and I have been OMG-ing and Holy Sh* t-ing all evening long.

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