Thursday, November 10, 2011

Famous Producer

Living in Fairview, you run into a lot of celebrities. This producer has been in the news recently for making anti-gay remarks. So I figured I'd tell you the six-degrees of separation-like story.

I was at a very posh awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton as a last minute substitute for someone. It was only because I owned a dress suitable for such an occassion that I got to go. If you've seen any of the awards shows telecast from there, you know all the tables are round and seat about ten to twelve people?

The table I was assigned to held people from "Flags Of Our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima." I sat next to a very nice actor who had a big role in one of the afore mentioned films. He was very nice but I kept trying not to stare at him. Not because he was incredibly handsome (he was) but because he reminded me of someone and I couldn't think who.

Anyway, Producer was also there and he took to the podium to accept some kind of award. At which point this actor, had to leave. We all asked why, and the actor said something to the effect of "Producer is a horrible man who stole my girlfriend."Really? There wasn't even any comparison. I mean this actor was gorgeous. And the producer? Well, you can google him. I guess to each his own. This actor was so pleasant all evening, that I couldn't believe those words and they have stuck with me all these years.

And after I got home, I finally remembered that I had worked on one of this actor's first movies when he was still a kid. Oy, I felt old then, and now, well, I don't even want to think about it.

P.S. the moral of the story is always have one good formal dress ready in case you get the last minute invite. Oh, and don't be too proud to accept!


  1. Wow. That is awesome. I wish I had the ability to go to those things. But I guess I might have to pick up a fancy dress just in case, huh?

  2. yeah, can't hurt to have one nice dress. Especially with the holidays approaching!