Thursday, October 6, 2011

Writers Group Last Night

I had writers group last night and it was my turn.  This is the group I'd been debating quiting because I am the only one who writes YA, and there are 10 of us and we have to critique 30 pages a week and on your turn, you submit 15 pages and get feedback from 9 other people.
It is a lot of work and when my turn came last month, only 5 other people showed up so I felt short-changed (having diligently critiqued everybody's work).

Anyway, this time, there were 6 who showed up so I did a little better this month.  But I honestly, never had so much fun at group before.  A bombshell - they had to point out to me that one of my characters is gay.  Who knew?! I see it, totally, though. And they were going off on tangents, asking me to put in a 'hot' police officer etc.  Wildly off-tangent but loads of fun.

I think the attitude I need to take is not be so serious about this.  I'm never going to be Jane Austen but maybe I can make some people laugh or at least laugh at myself.

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