Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nara Deer Park

I want to urge you to visit this blog:


It is also one of the blogs I follow and is listed on the right hand side of mine called "One Time One Meeting."  It is one of the 'Daily Photo' blog network of bloggers who take and post photos of their hometown on a regular basis.

'Snow White' lives in Nara, Japan, which is famous for their Deer Park and Giant Buddha. 
Her photos are so beautiful and today she captures an event at the Deer Park that I doubt many people have seen.

I went on a tour of Nara a few years ago.  My photos are not in the same league as 'Snow White's'  But here are a few:

I love the juxtaposition of the high school kids and the deer roaming around.  The school uniforms make me think of Manga!

The kids were there to see the Buddha.

The deer are so docile, and pose for photos.

You can buy crackers to feed the deer but don't do it in an area where there are a ton of deer. You'll be surrounded by hundreds of deer who know the sound or smell of the crackers.  It can be kind of scarey!

But Snow White says the deer depend on the crackers during the winter months especially, so I take back what I said about not feeding them.  Feed them, please!

The deer have learned to bow for crackers also, bobbing their heads up and down, begging for crackers.

Here is a video I found on youtube of the bowing deer:


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  2. Fairview,

    Sorry I made spelling mistake.

    Thanks a lot for posting this. Lovely photos and interesting information on the deer in Nara Park!
    Yes, around deer cracker stands, always a lot of the deer are waiting. There is a shortage of food, especially in winter when grass withers. So, deer crackers are very important food supply for the deer. They are healthy snack, made from rice bran, flour and water. Please buy deer crackers at a stand where not so many deer are around and give the crackers to them. Many visitors enjoy the closeness with the deer for a while. I guess you bought the crackers somewhere along the approach to Great Buddha Hall. The deer population is the densest there. I agree it is a kind of scary to be surrounded by many deer!
    Fairview, I have liked this blog to my blog “Necessary Evil”.
    Thanks again.
    Best wishes,

  3. I couldn't get the video to work. I could always go to youtube. However, I enjoyed the pics of the deer. And I clicked on the link you provided. Looks very peaceful. I'm ready to go there, and just lie down. I'll bring lots of crackers.