Monday, October 10, 2011

My Asian Crisp Sarnie

I have an awesome Critique Partner #1.  We exchange 50 pages once a month.  I really enjoy reading her work.  The only trouble is, she lives in the U.K. so sometimes we have a language issues.  She takes the time to write up a glossary of terms each time.  I, being the ugly American, forget to do it...  Anyway, this month's submission described a Crisp Sarnie with a splash of Tommy K sauce.  It was obviously something to eat and it sounded mouthwateringly delicious.  Too bad I had no idea what it was.

I looked it up on google.  Turns out it is a potato chip sandwich and Tommy K sauce is ketchup.  I'd never heard of such a thing?!  Fast food stores (similar to 7-eleven) sell Crisp Sarnies! 4 triangular slices of bread and a separate pack of chips in a box.

I had to try it.  I  don't keep any of the items on-hand.  I had no ketchup, no white bread, and no chips in the house.  So I drove to the nearest market, which was a little Asian grocery store. Japan and the U.K. both measure in grams and liters.  Figured there are some similarities.  Here are the chips/crisps I got.    I think the "Rich" cut is supposed to be "Ridge Cut"  as in "Ruffles have ridges".  I was advised to get flavored crisps.  So these are sour cream and onion.

Bread I got:

I've had pastries from this Asian bakery before.  They make a nice onion-cheese bread.  I had this sour cream thing from there as well.  I'd avoid it.  It was basically a loaf with 1 inch cubes of sour cream mixed in.

Anyway, the bread today was fresh baked.  yummy.  I buttered the bread because I think I read that was what you're supposed to do.  Then I piled on the chips.  I read you're supposed to put 30 chips on the bread.  I got 15 on there.

Next came the Tommy K sauce.  I assumed this was ketchup because of the tomato pattern.  I later realized it did say ketchup. 


It wasn't bad tasting either.  I think CP#1 said it is best with bacon-flavored crisps, but I couldn't find any at the Asian Market.  I poured myself a diet coke (or coke lite as they call it in Mexico) which was the perfect compliment to the saltiness of the sandwhich.

Next I will tackle the Banoffee pie.  Yeah, maybe Thanksgiving.