Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss Snark's First Victim - loglines

Miss Snark's First Victim (MSFV) is having a big agent's auction and in preparation, she's had three rounds of logline critiques.  Logline is 100 words or less telling what your story is about.  I figured I'd try to get in (it is a lottery system).  I hadn't written anything so I missed the first round.  I tried the second round but was not picked.  I totally recognized a friend's logline though.  Ha, see, I've been paying attention at all the various critique groups I go to. 

But this third and final round, I finally got picked!  Longtime followers will know which one I am.  Anyway, I learned a lot from the critiques I got and from critiquing the others.  Yeah, I totally see where I'm going wrong. 

It would be good to go and visit and read all the loglines and critiques of each if you're trying to figure out how to write one (like I am).  I think if you stick this logline in your query letter you're halfway home.  I'm amazed at how I can write 75,000 words, but can't write 100 to tell you what its about.

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