Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Jinx - Not A Review

This is a "pay it forward" as I am a writer too and hopefully, when I've got a book to promote, someone will do the same for me?

The Jinx by D.F. Lamont.  This is the blurb I was sent:

It’s the story of Stephen Grayson, a 13-year old whose run of bad luck gets so bad he worries he is endangering his family. Fearing he is cursed - or is turning into a supervillain - he flees home to protect his loved ones, only to find that he is in the middle of a tug-of war between a cult obsessed with order and misshapen monsters known as “Chaons” who seem bent on hunting him down. It's a fun story for kids aged 8-13, and anyone who loves YA books and suspense.

Nice author contacted me about doing a review.  But it sounds a little young for me.  I think it is more middle grade than Y.A.?  So I declined again, but said I'd put up something for you folks.
Here is a link to read the first chapter and purchase:

Anyway, if anybody has a female-oriented YA book (i.e. it has to have some kind of romance element in it)  they want reviewed, send it my way!

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