Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hollywood East

So I got bored.  Hermit Weekend is kind of a bust.

And since tomorrow is Halloween, I went in search of the Mike Myers home.  I hope you dear readers know that Fairview is a made-up name for the place I reside.  It isn't actually called that.  Some people call this place East Hollywood since a lot of films get shot here.  And why not?  Fairview is lovely.
The Gamble House photos that I showed you?  That house doubled as Doc Brown's 1955 mansion in "Back To the Future."

And "Halloween" the 1978 film was shot mostly in Fairview.  Here is Mike Myers' home in the film:

I know the house to the right of it as well.  They aren't next to each other anymore.  Apparently the Myers  house was moved to another location about four blocks away.

Here it is as of two hours ago.  There were bunches of other "Halloween" fans out taking photos.  It is now an office building and there are several businesses working out of the house.  They spruced it up quite a bit.

And since I was on this kick, I went over to the Rialto.  The Rialto theater was featured prominently in the movie "The Player" because Robert Altman lived in the area.

Sadly, this theater is condemned.  I think they're trying to preserve it but this is what it looks like as of two hours ago:

I went a few times in the '90s.  The restrooms were in need of serious overhaul.  And the main problem is there isn't any parking.  Still, it was majorly creepy back then, and now, well, it is the perfect setting for Halloween.

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  1. Love the pictures - especially the Rialto. It looks particularly creepy and very appropriate for Halloween!