Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review - His Eyes

Due to back injury, I couldn't do much except read and watch TV.  Here is one of the books I read:  His Eyes by Renee Carter.

Amy is a high school senior about to graduate.  She needs a job for the summer and answers an ad for baby sitting.  Turns out the "baby" is Tristan, a senior also who was recently in a horse-jumping accident and is blind.

Tristan is totally hot, goes to the elite college prep and his family is very wealthy.  Amy goes to the public school, her parents are ex-hippies, and they are definitely working class. 

The story is cute cute cute. It is all about, well, you know, the romance.  How Amy gets Tristan out of his shell, and Tristan "sees" Amy's beauty.  And Tristan has a shallow ex-girlfriend named Lexus? hilarious.

The language is great to.  Exactly how I imagine a teenager would think and speak.

If there is one quibble, it is that it was short.  A novella, really.  And the e-book wasn't that cheap.  I guess it is relative, but I'm used to whole length novels for $0.99 so the $5.50 price point for this was too high (in my humble opinion).

So because of the length of the work compared to the price, I'm giving it 4 stars = I liked it but you might not.

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