Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where I was on 9/11/01

I usually turn on the television while I get ready to go to work.  For some reason that day, I didn't.

I think I probably woke up late.  Once I was in the car, I turned on the radio to my favorite morning DJ's (at the time) Mark and Brian.  They were my favorites ever since they had Barry Manilow as a guest and made him sing over the PA system in a grocery store.  And Mark is a huge Barry Manilow fan.

But anyway, they weren't talking about sex, or poop, or other bodily functions that morning.  Instead, they kept apologizing for not being newscasters and switching over to the feed from their sister station which was a news format. 

That's how I heard the second plane hitting the towers live.  And the accompanying "Oh My God!" repeated over and over.

Still, since my bosses were such hard-a**es,  I figured they would probably ignore everything and still want me at work.  I believe we had that Keannu Reeves movie "Hard Ball" opening that Friday.  Funny how I framed my life around movie opening dates back then...

I had a hard time getting to work.  I think people were pulling over on the streets and doing crazy U-turns and such.  I finally made it to work and the studio lot was on lock down.  I had a hard time making it through the gate, even though I'd been in the same reserved lot for over seven years at that point. 

Anyway, I got in and the lot was empty.  My hard-nosed bosses didn't even make it in.  I stood around for a while, seeing if anybody was going to show up.  But then I thought the better of it, and realized how idiotic my dedication to a Keannu Reeves movie was when such a monumental tragedy was occuring so I went home and joined the nation in mourning.

What were you doing on this day?

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