Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten Random Things About Me

Many of the campaigners are doing this "ten random things about me" deal.  I figured I do it too.

1. Fairview is the second most common place name in the US.  The first is Springfield, but it makes me think of "The Simpsons" so that was out.  I'm writing three books concurrently, all set in Fairview.  The local paper in my imaginary town is called 'The View From Fairview.'

2.  I went to the same college prep school as Barack Obama.  They used to call him Barry.  He's president of the US.  I'm not.  I went to the same college prep school as Kelly Preston.  She's married to John Travolta.  I'm not.

3.  I used to borrow (okay sneak) comic books from my BFF Caroline's older brother's dresser drawer.  My favorite was the Mon-El from Legion of Super Heroes (Similar to Marvel's X-Men?).  I thought he was Superman's cousin but I'm reading now that he was Superman's older brother?  Whatever.  I liked his outfit/costume and his overly long black hair.

4. I'm a Fanilow.  Yup, earned my share of grief over the years about this. 

5. Love the electronic penny slot machines.  Mainly for all the fun games that start once you get those three aliens/cashmen/gnomes/moles/dragons in a row.  I once played for 6 hours on $5.00

6. I love Yiruma music.  Who? Korean new age pianist.

7. Love those iced green tea lattes from Starbucks.

8. I can't drive and talk at the same time, so I tend not to want to give rides to anybody.  Trust me, it is for your own safety!

9. I can speak and read just enough Japanese to get lost in the subway system in Japan. 

10. I love malasadas from Leonard's bakery in Hawaii, even though I haven't had one in over ten years.  Fried portugese doughnut-like things.


  1. Loved your list! Also wanted to tell you that I passed along the Liebster Blog Award to you. You can read all about it on my blog here:

    Have fun with it and do with it what you will. :)

  2. This is going to seem a little weird, but I love your choices for this list. They are odd enough that I get a sense of your personality, but also that you're a pretty funny and smart individual.

    Also, I nominated you for a blog award! Check more info here: